Cara-Apples-PinkHere I am.

I’ve had a pretty ordinary life with an extraordinary opportunity to understand what my life means and why I am still here to live it. That opportunity came in the form of a cancer diagnosis in September 2011.

Before 2011 I did, and was, everything that I thought I “should” do and be. I graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Honours degree in Political Science and Business. It was a practical degree and made even more so with the co-op option. The problem was that while I studied with my political science and business-ey friends I was taking breaks reading personal development, spiritual, meditiation, self-help, health, and other empowering books. It was a red flag, but one I chose to ignore. My rational self just kept telling my higher self that I needed a career that got me the usual things that “everyone” wants: money and power. I used to roll my eyes and sometimes even laugh at those creative, free-spirit, and easy-going types…I mean, how were they going to get anywhere in this world chasing dreams and doing things that I didn’t think could ever be “profitable”?

Cancer came, and I started to change my mind.

I’ve created this website so that people can keep track of my adventures and read my travel blog as I spend the year in Australia. But I will also be blogging about topics that I love and have spent so many hours reading and learning about. I hope to share thoughts and insights that will be interesting and who knows, maybe even inspiring!

I truly believe that we each came here to heal ourselves and then to help heal the world. That process for everyone involves moving towards love and away from fear. The process may be the same but the expression is different and we need to be open to hearing where we are meant to go in order to be led.

Trusting in the process.

Here I am…listening,



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